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Dave's Domain

Photo Gallery

My Model Railroad My Model Railroad Blast Furnace 156942187 The FI&S Blast Furnace 156942196 161485900 Backdated BlastFurnace We backdated the blast furnace to 1915 which entailed replacement of the whole top works. Compare this with photo 2. 196832473 Blast Furnace - 1915 196832474 Blast Furnace top works 196832475 Blast Furnace top works 196832476 Ice House and Oak Ridge Yard 156942191 156942189 Oak Ridge Looking West 156942194 Fusee Shed in Oak Ridge Yard 161340675 Pennsy I1sa Railfan Alert!... notice the phone pole in front of the engine? Typical! 161340674 Oak Ridge Engine House Bays 156942192 Main Street in Dublin 161485903 Quaker Oats Company 156942186 Maintenance Shed at Allegheny 156942193 Twain Station 156942198 Company houses near the coal mine 156942188 Atlantic gas station at Union Furnace Atlantic Gas Station... remember them well. 161485901 Colliery at Union Furnace 156942190 Union Furnace 156942197 Elverson Coal Mine 161485902 Westchester Station on the FM&W 156942195 Scratchbuilt lower quadrant home signal. 196832477